Paola Pivi - 1971

Paola Pivi (1971, Milan) has lived and worked in unusual places around the world, such as small islands, deserts and faraway countries. Currently she is based in Anchorage, Alaska. With her sculptures, installations and performances Pivi builds a personal universe ruled by the laws of irony and absurdity. Pivi´s works originate from colossal operations yet appear light, spontaneous and agile, like the movements of an athlete. Through changes of scale, duplications of objects or alterations of context, Pivi transforms impossible actions into simple and disarming gestures. Among other feats, she has photographed alligators covered in whipped cream, and brought together dozens of white animals to construct a monochrome zoo in an exhibition space.

Her work, much like its cheerful and strange titles (‘If you like it, thank you. If you don’t like it, I am sorry. Enjoy anyway’, ‘My religion is kindness, thank you. See you in the future’, ‘One cup of cappuccino then I go’; as well as the title of this new work) is an open invitation to the public, to interact and play.

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