Dismantling ‘Reclining Figure’ by Fritz Wotruba

Today, 11 December, the dismantling of Reclining Figure (1969), Fritz Wotruba’s limestone sculpture on Westersingel, will take place. Since 1971, this elongated sculpture has lain in the grass along Westersingel. In 2000 it was placed on a pedestal and is part of the series of human figures on the sculpture terrace.

In early 2023, a passerby found some chipped pieces of limestone on the pedestal of the artwork, which, upon discovery, were immediately transferred to Sculpture International Rotterdam (SIR), program of CBK Rotterdam. The corrosion was caused by decades of weathering, which significantly deteriorated the sculpture’s condition. A specialized stone restorer restored Reclining Figure on site.

SIR asked art historian Nathalie Zonnenberg to advise on the sculpture’s future. Her conclusion was that if the sculpture is to be preserved for Rotterdam’s sculpture collection, it must be given shelter quickly. SIR will be discussing this with Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen.

Reclining Figure will be lifted from its pedestal and carefully stored. A suitable solution will be sought for the sculpture and the empty plinth on Westersingel.

Publicatiedatum: 11/12/2023