1 year It’s Never Too Late to Say Sorry

On Sunday 27 May Wim Konings – the performer for It’s Never Too Late to Say Sorry – celebrated the fact that he has been working as part of the sculpture for exactly one year. Each day of that this year and as part of this Elmgreen & Dragset sculpture, at noon exactly he shouted the words “It’s Never Too Late to Say Sorry”. Konings only skipped one day: the day of the Rotterdam Marathon, due to the fact that it was too crowded in the city.

The coming month, the perfomer enjoys a well deserved holiday. But starting 1sty of Juy he will be back on a daily basis.

During his year as performer, Wim Konings wrote his observations and experiences in a weblog. Part of this is translated into English

Click here to read Wim Koning’s blog

Publicatiedatum: 12/05/2015