David Cunnigham in GRRR Jamming Squeak

On Friday, 15 April, David Cunningham will perform in Paola Pivi’s GRRR Jamming Squeak Studio, a temporary artwork in the collection of Sculpture International Rotterdam. Musician David Cunningham made his name with The Flying Lizards and others. As well as being a musician, he is also well known as a producer and artist. His recent work focuses on remarkable sound installations that have caught international attention.

In GRRR Jamming Squeak, he gives a performance in which he makes use (as usual in the studio) of the available animal noises. Artist Paola Pivi will also be present on the 15th.
David Cunningham (born 1954 in Ireland) lives and works in London. His work is diverse, ranging from pop music to the creation of sound installations. He works for film, television and contemporary dance performances, often together with visual artists. His biggest success was with the number ‘Money’ by The Flying Lizards in 1979. Since 1993 he has been making installations in which he investigates acoustics. ‘The Listening Room’ at the Sydney Biennial (1998) was followed by ‘Days Like These’ at the Tate Triennial of Contemporary British Art, Tate Britain 2003 and installations in ICC Tokyo, Ikon Birmingham and the Camden Arts Centre in London. Among others, Cunningham has worked with Michael Nyman, John Cage, Kathy Acker and Ute Lemper. He also recently produced the album ‘The Lighter’ by Joanne Robertson, and in 2009 he brought out the album ‘One Hundred’, a joint venture with saxophonist Yasuaki Shimuzu.

In GRRR Jamming Squeak he will give an unusual guitar performance in which he makes use of the numerous animal noises from the Macaulay Library, which are available in the studio. He will also use sound samples from his guitar, which are produced live. GRRR Jamming Squeak is a fully equipped music and recording studio with sound technicians. Admission is free to everyone wishing to make music, record or improvise with incorporation of animal noises. It offers an enormous choice of musical instruments, recordings of hundreds of rarely heard animal noises, a soundproof recording booth, microphones, headsets, help from sound technicians and all the equipment needed to record, mix and master music. The studio also has lounges where you can listen and enjoy – and it is all absolutely free. The only thing the studio insists on is that you use the animal noises when composing, improvising and playing music and sound.

GRRR Jamming Squeak is a public work of art by Paola Pivi, initiated by Sculpture International Rotterdam (SIR ), and forms part of SIR’s long-term plan for the Coolsingel corridor. In preparation for the radical restructuring of this urban boulevard, SIR is developing a programme of temporary and (semi) permanent art projects to enable research for a new generation of artworks on Rotterdam’s most important boulevard. 2010 saw a number of events. Taneda’s ‘Coolsingel Cube’ was installed; ‘Cascade’ by Atelier van Lieshout was installed on Churchillplein; Paola Pivi’s public sound studio Grrr Jamming Squeak opened its doors; there were performances by David Lamelas, Rory Pilgrim and Roman Ondak, and ‘The Idler’s Playground’ by Cosima von Bonin was David Cunningham – Live performance in GRRR Jamming Squeak Coolsingel 63, Rotterdam
Admission free
For more information, visit www.grrr.nu

Publicatiedatum: 12/05/2015