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Sculpture International Rotterdam is looking for friends for the Naum Gabo
The 26-meter (85.3 ft) high Constructivist sculpture by Naum Gabo (1890-1977) was designed in 1957. Commissioned by De Bijenkorf , the work forms an inseparable part of the department store designed by Marcel Breuer. In creating the sculpture’s shape, Gabo was inspired by the structure of plants and trees, yet wanted to leave the work’s significance open. This was also why the work was left untitled.
The Naum Gabo structure has had to endure long-term wear and tear and is now showing visible signs of deterioration. The sculpture is the ultimate landmark on the Coolsingel, Rotterdam’s central boulevard, and a masterpiece of Western art history. Sculpture International Rotterdam is dedicated to finding a way to restore this important Constructivist work.
If you also feel this is important and would like to support the Naum Gabo sculpture, become a Friend of Naum Gabo.
For now, our goal with the Friends of Gabo is to ‘generate a public’, demonstrating that the sense of urgency to restore the sculpture is shared by a large group of people. We send the Friends of Naum Gabo regular updates on this unique sculpture, in text and images.
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Publicatiedatum: 12/05/2015