Melanchotopia: Erik van Lieshout in conversation with Monika Szewczyk

In the past few years, Erik van Lieshout has based his drawings and video installations on highly personal excursions that delight in opening one can of “socio-political” worms after another. He makes poignant films that represent the pulsing rhythm of his life today. His protagonists are Germany’s unemployed, “soft” therapists, Theo van Gogh sympathizers and opponents, Chinese girls, junkies in Rotterdam and Ghanaian rappers. Yet the artist always casts himself in the leading role. For his contribution to Melanchotopia, Van Lieshout presents a video installation of his film Commission at ROTTERDAM.INFO. Monika Szewczyk (Head of publications) talks to him about the installation and about Rotterdam.

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€ 2,50 evening event
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Witte de With, center for contemporary art | 7 pm.

Website Witte de With

Publicatiedatum: 12/05/2015