Opening programma Tribute To An Avenue

Opening programme ‘Tribute To An Avenue’ on Wednesday 8th January!

16:00 (- 17:00 hrs.) only on invitation
Speakers:Alderman  Antoinette Laan (Sports & Culture), Tineke Bahlmann (chairman Council Centrum Beeldende Kunst Rotterdam) and Dees Linders (head Sculpture International Rotterdam).

17:00 hrs (start): video works on the Coolsingel by Francis Alÿs (BE), Fischli & Weiss (CH), Arnoud Holleman (NL), Han Hoogerbrugge (NL), Klara Liden (S), Erik van Lieshout (NL), Mark Lewis (CA), Adrian Paci (AL), John Smith (UK), Song Tao (CH), Catherine Yass (UK).

The video works can be seen until the 9th of February daily between 16.30 en 8.30 hrs. Free booklet available on the Coolsingel.

Between 17:00 and 19:30 hrs. drinks and soup in the Hilton Rotterdam Hotel, offered by CBK Rotterdam.
Speakers: Jan Rutgers (director Hilton Rotterdam) and Ove Lucas (director Centrum Beeldende Kunst Rotterdam).

Publicatiedatum: 12/05/2015