Public 2007

By the initiative of Sculpture International Rotterdam, sculptures by three internationally renowned visual artists were shown in and around Rotterdam´s city hall from 22 September until 18 November, 2007. Monica Bonvincini (IT), Germaine Kruip (NL), and Ugo Rondinone (CH) each realized a work related to “the individual and the public”.

The work Don’t Miss a Sec by Monica Bonvicini (1965) created amazement, surprise and liveliness in the heart of Rotterdam. Positioned next to the steps of the City Hall, the sculpture seemed to be nothing more than a perfect reflective cube. But upon closer inspection we realise that it provides a minimalist space for a public lavatory with a 360-degree view of the surroundings through the crystal clear glass. Even during ‘intimate moments’ the user need not miss a second of what is going on in the street outside.

Recording by the Dutch artist Germaine Kruip (born 1970) is a light installation in the hall of the former post office next to the City Hall. While it awaits a new function, the building’s interior has been stripped to reveal the full architectural glory of this listed building dating from 1923. With the help of extremely bright lamps, Kruip created a work allows us to experience the building in a totally new way and that will surely remain with the visitor for a long time.

Publicatiedatum: 06/05/2007