‘THE DESTROYED CITY’ by ZADKINE in new Plein 1940

The Destroyed City remains for Rotterdammers the symbol of the destruction of their city and the irrepressible drive to rebuild the city. The restoration of this monument is the ideal moment for Rotterdam City Council and Sculpture International Rotterdam to reflect upon the significance of this monument in the twenty-first century in an increasingly complex public realm.

Building Projects and The Destroyed City
Having stood for years in a desolate square, encroached upon by the growing city, Zadkine’s sculpture now has a place of honour in the contemporary city centre in a new square with trees, benches and even a café with a terrace. The recent building activity in the direct vicinity and new residential towers close t o the sculpture have led to public discussions about the sculpture’s future. Experts have held intensive deliberations about the position of The Destroyed City.

Eventually Sculpture International Rotterdam decided to retain the sculpture in its current location because of its history of more than fifty years on this site. The sculpture was restored in situ inside a transparent covering that allowed the sculpture to be seen day and night. The restoration of the sculpture provided the impulse to improve the standards of the square. Its appearance and public access have been improved with the provision of shallow steps from the street, accentuated with strip lighting in the treads.

Atelier Licht en Kleur (LEK) has designed a lighting scheme in which the monument is light with a spotlights from the adjacent residential towers. Zadkine’s sculpture has finally been given a relatively calm and contemplative home.

Publicatiedatum: 12/05/2015