The Individual Parallel, Willem Oorebeek, Bilderberg Parkhotel, Rotterdam

The Individual Parallel – Bilderberg Utopia (2014), foto Jannes Linders

Z-Files #15: Bild, oder…? by Willem Oorebeek on 31 March

Thursday 31 March 2016, 8pm
Venue: Boijmans van Beuningenzaal, Bilderberg Parkhotel (Westersingel 70, Rotterdam)
Admission: Free (no reservations necessary)
Language: Dutch

A lecture by Willem Oorebeek, and a presentation of his SIR-edition The Individual Parallel – Bilderberg Utopia (2015).

In 2014, Dutch artist Willem Oorebeek completed The Individual Parallel – Bilderberg Utopia, an art work on the facade of the Bilderberg Parkhotel. Consisting of 604 white composite dots, the work has become a landmark, visible from the junction of Westersingel and Rochussenstraat. The work has been included in SIR’s sculpture collection.

This month, SIR is publishing a special edition by Willem Oorebeek: a video, which he based on the 604 dots, and 604 possible interpretations of the work. The video has been released as an edition of 25, available through SIR. In a new edition of SIR’s lecture series the Z-Files (where the Z comes from Zadkine), Willem Oorebeek further expands on The Individual Parallel – Bilderberg Utopia, addressing his position as an artist in public space. Bilderberg Parkhotel director Erik de Wit will be receiving the first edition.

Publicatiedatum: 18/03/2016