Een prachtig voorbeeld van kunst in de publieke ruimte: resultaat van een samenwerking tussen het Museum of Modern Art en Creative Time, de organisatie voor Kunst en de Publieke ruimte in NY:
een tijdelijk werk van Doug Aitken dat zowel het museum, de stad en de publieke ruimte betrok in dit kunstwerk.

The Museum of Modern Art and Creative Time, the New York-based public art organisation, have jointly commissioned Doug Aitken to create the artist’s first large-scale public art work in the United States. The project is also the first to bring art to MoMA’s exterior walls. Continuous sequences of film scenes will be projected onto seven facades, including those on W53rd and W54th streets and those overlooking the Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Sculpture Garden. Inspired by the densely built environment of New York’s midtown, the artist will create a cinematic art experience that directly integrates with the architectural fabric of the city while simultaneously enhancing and challenging viewers’ perceptions of public space. The project, filmed in New York City, will be shown daily from 5.00 p.m. until 10.00 p.m., and is intended to be visible from many public vantage points adjacent to the Museum.

Publicatiedatum: 12/05/2015