Recording (2007), foto Jannes Linders

The Artwork

Recording by the Dutch artist Germaine Kruip (born 1970) is a light installation in the hall of the former post office next to the City Hall. While it awaits a new function, the building’s interior has been stripped to reveal the full architectural glory of this listed building dating from 1923. With the help of extremely bright lamps, Kruip created a work allows us to experience the building in a totally new way and that will surely remain with the visitor for a long time.

The main hall of the former Post Office, 22m high, 40m deep and 20 m wide, is undone of its remaining corporate interior. Stripped to its original state, as architect Kees Bremer (1880-1949) intended in 1923, the hall is emptied and its glass roof is blacked-out; nine HMI Spots, computer-controlled, installed directly above the interior glass domed ceiling mimic the blink of an eye in slow motion; duration of light sequence is three minutes and then is looped.

Germaine Kruip