Franz West’s Qwertz renovated

The colourful sculpture and bench collection Qwertz has been renovated. Consisting of five long benches in soft colours (yellow, purple, green, blue and orange), the work is situated in the green grass of the Westersingel. Franz West chose this location specifically because of the pastel-coloured façades of the surrounding houses.

The work was placed in 2001, as an addition to Rotterdam’s International Sculpture Collection. The five oblong rolls of sheet metal have been wrought to resemble hand-rolled pieces of clay. It’s title has no relevance; Qwertz is a combination of letters that appears on German keyboards. For West, the title merely functioned to refer to other existing words, inviting people to subscribe their own meanings to the object.

Nicknames: Sitzwursten, sausage
Produced: 2000
Size: (hxwxl) in cm: 5 elements of 60 x 65 x 720
Material: Sheet metal, paint

Publicatiedatum: 01/07/2015