Rotterdam Post-War Art & Architecture Tour now available

The city centre of Rotterdam counts a large number of post-war architecture and art. Many buildings are adorned with reliefs, stained glass and mosaic pieces, beautifully integrated in the buildings’ architecture. A specially designed roadmap, made in collaboration with OMI Rotterdam, leads you along Rotterdam’s post-war art and architecture. The route runs through the centre of Rotterdam, from de brand-new Central Station to the spectacular Market Hall. Along the way, it takes striking buildings and beautiful works of arts that have been added to the city over the past 75 years. One may even call it ’75 years of Rotterdam in a nutshell’. A journey through the city’s centre, focusing on art, culture and architecture.

The tour was initiated by BKOR and SIR, and realised in collaboration with OMI Rotterdam, the Office for Metropolitan Information.
The tour is now available for € 3,50 at OMI (Schiekade 205) and NAi Booksellers (Museumpark 25).

The tour can also be booked with a guide;
By foot: 20 p. per guide, 2,5 hours, start at OMI. Price: € 175,- (ex. 21% VAT)
By bike: 15 p. per guide, 2 hours, start at OMI. Price: € 150,- (ex. 21% VAT), bike rental: € 5,- (ex. 21% Btw) p.p.

More information:
OMI Rotterdam / UrbanGuides, Schiekade 205, 3013 BR Rotterdam, t. +31 10 433 22 31,, &

Publicatiedatum: 01/12/2015