Z-Files XL: Rotterdam’s exceptional art collection

Sunday 19 June, 1 – 5:30 pm
Free entrance, please order your tickets here
Language of this event: Dutch

Sculpture International Rotterdam and BKOR are pleased to present an XL- edition of the Z-Files, about Rotterdam’s collection of art works in public space. A number of ‘Rotterdammers’ will be sharing their perspectives on different art works, that have a special meaning tot hem. This XL edition of the Z-Files will be sequeled in August, with a day of specially designed Rotterdam-art-tours hosted by yet another group of ‘Rotterdammers’.

During Z-Files XL, eight people who live and work in Rotterdam will expand on their relationships with specific art works in the cities public space. Maziar Afrassiabi (curator); Nicky Assmann (artist); Nathalie Hartjes (director MAMA); Raoul de Jong (writer); Ernest van der Kwast (writer); Ine Lamers (artist), Jelle Reumer (vertebrate paleontologist), and Sjoerd Westbroek (artist) each have a story to tell about an art work, departing from their specific interests and expertise. Their presentations will be interchanged with short videos about the placing, displacing, moving and removing of well known public sculptures in Rotterdam. Video documentation including Santa Claus’ triumphant tour to its final location; the transportation of Picasso’s sculpture, of Calder’s work Le Tamanoir, and of Henry Moore’s wall relief; as well as footage of the restoration of Kees Franse’s De Appels will be shown.

Rotterdam’s exceptional art collection

Rotterdam’s collection of art works in public is not only exceptional in quantity, but even more so in quality: Rotterdam can be likened to other (Western) metropoles with rich public art collections. The post-war era marked the start of Rotterdam’s collection; the visual arts were looked upon to offer symbols of comfort and strength in times of despair in a city ruined. Rotterdam´s (current) art collection, managed by BKOR and Sculpture International Rotterdam, consists of over a 1000 works, with highlights such as Zadkine’s Destroyed city, Naum Gabo’s untitled sculpture on the Coolsingel, and Henry Moore’s brick wall relief.

Z-Files, art and the city
BKOR and SIR are programs of CBK Rotterdam (Centre for Visual Arts Rotterdam). Together, they aim to strenthen and invigorate the city’s public spaces. To promote Rotterdam’s art collection in public space, they regularly host Z-Files (with a Z for Zadkine); a series of lectures, presentations and excursions, for a broad local and (inter)national audience.

Z-Files XL is organised within the framework of CBK Rotterdam celebrates the arts and the city, which is part of Rotterdam celebrates the city!, a local initiative to commemorate 75 years of post-war Reconstruction.

Publicatiedatum: 24/05/2016