Verwacht vanaf juli 2008: helaas niet in Rotterdam, maar in NY: vier grote watervallen van de Deense kunstenaar Olafur Eliasson die in 2004/2005 iedereen verblufte met zijn The Weather Project, zon en mist in de Turbine Hall van de Tate Modern in Londen.
Van midden juli tot midden oktober zullen er in New York vier grote watervallen te zien zijn waarvan één vanaf de Brooklyn Bridge.
In Museum Boijmans, Rotterdam was in 2007 een grote tentoonstelling van Eliasson te zien.

Uit: The Weather Project/
Eliasson views the weather – wind, rain, sun – as one of the few fundamental encounters with nature that can still be experienced in the city. He is also interested in how the weather shapes a city and, in turn, how the city itself becomes a filter through which to experience the weather. ‘Every city mediates its own weather’, Eliasson has said. ‘As inhabitants, we have grown accustomed to the weather as mediated by the city. This takes place in numerous ways, on various collective levels ranging from hyper-mediated (or representational) experiences, such as the television weather forecast, to more direct and tangible experiences, like simply getting wet while walking down the street on a rainy day. A level between the two extremes would be sitting inside, looking out of a window onto a sunny or rainy street. The window, as the boundary of one’s tactile engagement with the outside, mediates one’s experience of the exterior weather accordingly.’

Publicatiedatum: 12/05/2015